3 Types Of Videos That Gain Massive Amount Of Views On Facebook

As content creators, your primary goal will be to make sure that our content reaches as many people as possible. Whether you are an individual or an agency working to spread the message of your clients, increasing your reach on Facebook is extremely important. Only when you are able to reach a large number of people, will your conversions to sales account for significant revenue. Thus, you should be well aware of the ways in which you can make content, especially videos go viral and garner massive amounts of views on Facebook (buy FB video views). Let us now take a look at the 3 types of videos that generally go viral, so that you can replicate its features in your own videos.

Revealing A Secret:

People always want in on a secret. Our brains are simply designed that way. Once you grab their attention with a title that says you are going to reveal a secret, then you can share your content and maybe even slip in a little pitch about the product you are selling. Revealing the secret ingredient to making a dish wonderful, revealing a secret way to complete school homework easily, revealing a secret method to make your skin glow, etc. are some of the ways in which you can use these types of videos to gain a good reach on Facebook. Once you have a reach and a massive following, you can slowly pitch a product or a service that your followers might be willing to pay for.

Evoking a Shock:

Videos that evoke a shock or a surprise always tend to do very well on Facebook. This is because people like the sense of feeling surprised or shocked as it causes an adrenaline rush in their bodies. Thus, videos such as ‘the Shocking truth behind Disney’s Snow White’, etc. will be eagerly shared by people and will thus have a far reach.

A Cliffhanger:

People always go crazy when they encounter a cliffhanger. It’s just an evolutionary thing for our brains to always have closure. Thus, when you leave something as a cliffhanger, the brain will push that person to take action and seek out the rest of the content. That’s why content like ‘This man was chased by a pack of wild dogs. What he did will astonish you’ become extremely popular. People simply can’t resist that mystery and are usually overcome by their curiosity to act and watch that video.